Too good to be true! Now, In East Ham Market Hall, you will be able to learn Arabic and Qura'an, as well as Nursery Classes for your little ones all in one place! With lower and better value for your money. We teach everyone, regardless of their gender,age,race nationality,and religion. We teach right from scratch all the way to GSCE Arabic Level. In addition to all of this, we will be holding Nursery classes during the morning for your children if would like them to have Arabic as their native language, together with memorizing the Holy Qua'an and having accurate pronunciations of the Arabic alphabet. All this prices are cheaper than ever.

The Benefits of Madrasa

By attending Madrasa on a regular basis, children are taught how to read the Holy Qur'an at an early age so that they develop love for it when they are older.

Such children also receive the basic guidance to be a good Muslim. This includes the basics of cleanliness, good morals, good manners and basic knowledge relating to beliefs.

Parental Responsibilities

However, in addition to sending children to madrasa, the most important element in a child's education are the examples set by those around him, because a child does what he/she sees.

As such, parents must remember that if they themselves ignore the teachings imparted at madrasa (e.g. the extreme importance of salah), children that attend madrasa become confused and eventually discard such teachings.


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